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Published in such national magazines as the Nation and the Weekly Standard, and on numerous web sites, Mary Campbell Gallagher writes about the urbanism of New York and Paris. An American member of SOS Paris, she addressed the annual meeting in Paris in March 2011. Her earlier piece on BonjourParis was "Can Parisians Defeat the Towers?" Mary's business, BarWrite® and BarWrite Press, provides large-group classes helping practicing lawyers improve their legal writing and helping bar candidates pass the bar examination. She is the author of two study guides for the bar exam. 


For information (in English), to join or make a contribution using PayPal, visit: SOS Paris.

For information (in English) or to join the Council for European Urbanism.

For information (in English) about Semapa and Paris Rive Gauche.

Bureau des associations – comité de concertation Paris Rive Gauche

3, rue de Bellièvre 75013 Paris 

Tel .01 78 11 15 82 – fax. 01 45 86 18 82

Centre d'information de la SEMAPA

Avenue de France [no street number]
75013 Paris

Métro Quai de la Gare ou Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
website :

For information (in English) about the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Bibliothèque nationale de France 
Quai François-Mauriac 
75706 Paris Cedex 13 
Téléphone : 33(0)1 53 79 59 59

For information (in French) about the Batignolles project, visit the web site of theParis City Hall


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