La Maison Parisienne: one of Paris’s best kept secrets

La Maison Parisienne (The Parisian House) at the Villa des Ombelles is the collaborative creation of Jean-Marc Dimanche and Florence Giullier Bernard. This seven-story townhouse in the Petit Montrouge quartier of the 14th next to Parc Montsouris is also Dimanche’s private home and is a unique experience as it's toured only by invitation. Villa des Ombelles is situated in a botanical wonderland designed by French botanist and infamous vertical landscaper Patrick Blanc, who fashioned Le mur vegetal at the Musée Quai Branly. Maison Parisienne is listed by the Direction de l'architecture et du patrimoine as a extraordinary example of the city’s architectural heritage.

The mission of Maison Parisienne is to provide a creative space for traditional craftsmen to work on and exhibit their skill. Today many specialist and traditional techniques such as silversmith, lace maker, straw marquetry and crafts like ceramics, glassware, and eggshell lacquer are in danger of disappearing because there are no new journeymen.

In addition to being a matchless house with an artist’s studio and teahouse on its garden roof, Villa des Ombelles is also a gallery for these French master craftsmen and artists. Each work on display can be either purchased at that time or designed to your specifications.

Maison Parisienne at the Villa des Ombelles

Paris 14th

For an appointment, please email Mme. Florence Giullier Bernard: